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My name is Bruno Garcia, better known as "Sergeant Garcia".


I''m a musician and after working for over 20 years with Afro-Caribbean rhythms, I’ve decided to set up a recording studio... But not just any recording studio. I need a nomadic recording studio, a place without borders that allows me to travel and record at the same time.

The "GUAKAMAYO" will sail from Valencia to reach the Antilles to sail during several months. During those months we scale navigation in the different islands of the Antilles and look to traditional recording musicians to take on the boat. With these recordings will make a CD album compiling songs recorded during the trip. We will also produce a documentary film, a TV serie, and a series of educational DVDs intended for schools and music schools.

The "GUAKAMAYO" project also has an educational goal. We intend to give lectures about the Afro-Caribbean cultures and the preservation of the environment in schools and community centers in the cities of scale.

Finally we think that all these rhythms that have traveled from Africa to the Caribbean may one day disappear and before that happens we want to record and archive them to pass on to future generations so that richness keeps alive. We are trying to do or share to preserve this natural laboratory that is today the Caribean sea.

When Pierre Dandin, my trombone and breton sailor asked me to create a recording studio on a sailboat, I thought... SURE!. Suddenly the answer was obvious. A sailboat with a recording studio in which we can travel, produce, work, and live...

That’s how the"GUAKAMAYO" project was borned and if I am here today is because we need your help.


The Guakamayo Needs You

In this video we explain the "GUAKAMAYO's" project much deeper.

Your Help is Welcome

Thanks to your contribution and support we'll sail across the Atlantic sea to record and mixdown pure Caribbean music.

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